Amega mission

Amega Mission was born after Pastor Paulo Lima's trip to the Gambia, Africa. AMEGA stands for Association Missionary Evangelistic Gambia Africa.

The vision of the Amega Mission is to support native churches, evangelists, ministries and local pastors especially by planting churches in rural areas to extend the Kingdom of God in all the land of the Gambia.

  • In the first year, 10 pastors worked full time with Amega Mission.

  • In the second year, Projeto Mandinka Bibles through Amega Mission delivered close to 5,000 Bibles.

  • In year three Amega Mission started working on acquiring land to help a local church build a school and offices (project still on going).

  • In the fourth year, Amega mission plans to open a 24/7 100% Christian FM radio station with equipment being delivered in November during Pastor Paulo's trip.

Visit Amega Missao here.