JSK 2.0

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JSK stands for Jesus Samurai Knights and is the name of the youth program for Fusion. The youth meet on Thursday nights from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM from September to June. During the summer, outreach activities are planned.

JSK was the predecessor of Fusion. 15 years ago in was started by Chip and Crystal Gonsalves as a means of outreach to the city of Lowell and surrounding area. It had 7 different locations over 10 years, and used physical training and activities, food, and most importantly the Gospel to reach primarily troubled youth in this area. For a season it was dormant as Fusion would take shape. Fusion was, in a sense, born out of JSK. Now JSK 2.0 has been reinitiated out Fusion. JSK gave life to Fusion, and Fusion has given it back to JSK. Most of the youth reached in the first generation of the program are now adults, and a nucleus of this group were a core of the founding members of Fusion. For many youth in the Lowell area- JSK was the only exposure to Christian community they ever experienced.

JSK is carrying on the tradition of JSK with youth centered, but not youth segregated activities. There is a loose restriction on ages that may come, to allow families to be together and engage in sports activities, games, eating, worship, and teachings. Micah Simari is the leader of JSK 2.0, and comes from a family of many Christians involved in the service of Christ in Lowell. A “duel threat” with both teaching and worship gifts, he has been an encouragement as Fusion has reinstated JSK 2.0 in the past year. The focus has been broadened to all youth of Lowell- churched and unchurched. If you have youth from 8 to 17, there is a place for them at JSK 2.0!



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