What is Fusion Lowell?

We are a diverse local church community in the city of Lowell Massachusetts, sharing life with each other and longing to see God's Kingdom in our city–and beyond. We are a glimpse into the scene of Revelation 7:9-10; where there is a massive, diverse group of redeemed people, all together before the throne of God proclaiming His greatness and worth. With a passion for God's Word and manifest presence, we gather weekly for a time of Spirit lead worship and Christ centered bible teaching at Fusion Theater. Through our partnership with Dwelling House of Hope, we provide food to those in need through a food pantry. We also offer on the job vocational training through Fusion Construction.

Fusion Lowell is essentially a community of imperfect people who hold Jesus as the source of hope, truth, and meaning for themselves and the world around them. We work towards living out and sharing that belief with our neighbors. We are a community of people from various ethnicities, cultures, backgrounds, socio-economic levels, ages, political parties and every other categorization you can think of. We believe that Jesus is the only way people, with all of these differences, can truly experience genuine community.

Fusion Lowell is interdenominational, meaning that we affirm there is truly only one faith, one God and one church (much different than universalist). As an interdenominational congregation, we welcome brethren from all denominations of the faith, philosophies, and backgrounds to to fellowship together in our Lord–growing and learning from each other. We celebrate each others rich history of faith and essentially are experiencing the many aspects of who Jesus is–and who He causes each of us to uniquely be to one another. Our goal is unity without uniformity and diversity without division. We believe this is only possible through the love that we know in our Lord Jesus Christ.


What is "Fusion Theater?"

Fusion Theater is a building that stands to serve as an independent center for the performing arts in the Pawtucketville area of Lowell, MA. Originally built in 1927, it served as a French parish for many years before it was closed and later sold. With a rich history, it has been renovated respectfully–celebrating the charm of the original architectural aesthetics. It is located at 125 Mt. Hope st., Lowell, MA and is where we come together on Sundays.

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What can I expect from a Sunday Service?

You can expect:

  • Honesty in a world built on spin.
  • People open to you in a world full of relational mercenaries.
  • Imperfect people who give grace for your imperfections.
  • A casual, come-as-you are environment.
  • To be built up not beat up.

What will my kids do?

We love kids at Fusion. Click here to see our families page.

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Do I need to become a Member?

We welcome guests from every walk of life, belief system and philosophy to come, freely enjoy and be blessed with no strings attached. And while membership isn't demanded of any guest that may visit (no matter how long attending), we do affirm the value of having a committed relationship to a local church body (whether that is Fusion Lowell or somewhere else in the body of Christ). As seen also in the context of marriage, we see how commitment in a relationship cultivates much maturity–and fosters fruitfulness.